Fri 1/18/2019 16:05:14
3 Workshops Held on Productivity, in Line with Implementation of Article 5 of Sixth Development Plan Law

In order to expedite operationalizing Article 5 of the Country's Sixth Development Plan, based on the implementation of the productivity cycle, three training sessions were held with the attendance of 53 delegates of 8 executive organizations of I. R. Iran.
Following the announcement of the Executive Order of Section A, Article 5 of I. R. Iran's Sixth Development Plan, which was announced in the last October, by Jamshid Ansari, Vice President and the head of country's Administrative and Recruitment organization, some organizations asked for additional information in order to implement this law. Therefore, holding these training workshops for the Organizations' Productivity Experts' Task Force was considered in the NIPO's agenda.
In these sessions, additional information, including analyzing the anticipated steps to operationalize this executive handbook, how to collect information and complete the worksheets based on steps 1 to 4 of this executive handbook were presented. Meanwhile the managers and experts of the present organizations posed their questions and NIPO answered all the questions and provided complete explanations to them.
Note that, these sessions were held on 7, 13 and 15 of January 2019 with the attendance of the relevant managers and experts from the Energy-Infrastructure group, including the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran at the first meeting, the Production-Economic group Including the Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture-Jihad in the second meeting, as well as the Socio-Cultural group including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sport and Youth.

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