Sun 3/10/2019 11:35:37
A Cooperation Agreement Signed Between NIPO and Municipality of Mashhad

This agreement was signed by Ms. Fatemeh Pahlevani, head of National Iranian Productivity Organization and Mohammad Reza Kalaee, mayor of Mashhad, the capital of Razavi Khorasan province, with the aim of collaborating in implementation of the productivity cycle in the municipality of Mashhad and turning it into the country's first "Productive Municipality".
Identification of appropriate productivity indices of urban management, implementing periodic measurements of productivity, productivity improvement and continuous enhancement in all aspects and issues of urban management, development of collaborations in the field of knowledge management, knowledge and experience sharing, development of local productivity bodies, green productivity (GP), integrated development of local communities, information and data needed by the parties and cooperation and participation in holding the workshops, training courses and productivity improvement programs in the municipality are other objectives of signing this agreement.
Pointing out to the role of urban management as a local government at this meeting, the head of NIPO mentioned: Since municipalities carry out significant responsibilities as the local government, including revenue management, regional investments, Planning for cost-effective resource management and cost management, despite the lack of integrated urban management, it can be concluded that the Municipality, especially in metropolises, should pay attention to productivity and its improvement as a fundamental and inevitable need.



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