Tue 2/5/2019 09:33:21
Establishment of APO Graduates Club to Benefit from International Knowledge and Experiences

Explaining the necessity of establishing a productivity network in the country in the specific summit of APO Graduates' Club, titled, "Performance Management Systems in Government and Public Sector", the director of National Iranian Productivity Organization announced the formation of the Asian Productivity Organization Graduates' (APO) Club, in order to benefit from the experiences and knowledge gained in APO's projects. 
Pointing to the international activities of NIPO in collaboration with APO and managed Pathology in this area, Ms. Fatemeh Pahlevani mentioned: "It is necessary to develop a mechanism for the participants to use the contents provided in the APO's various projects, in order to add value to the country.
She also said that we should be able to take more advantage of the experiences and knowledge gained in Training projects, Observational Study Missions and other APO projects, in the country, hoping that holding APO graduates' meetings can be the first step in this field, as this organization is trying to establish the APO's Graduates Club in order to become more efficient.
According to her, the formation of this club is one of the main aspects of the National Iranian Productivity Network, by redefining which, this organization is attempting to compile a systematic plan in this field, in order to determine the position and role of all the stakeholders, including Governmental Executive Organizations, Subsidiaries, Economic enterprises, Facilitators, Advisers, Assessors, Practitioners and Graduates, and how they communicate and interact with each other.

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