Fri 12/28/2018 09:47:13
NIPO attends the 19th Exhibition of Research, Technology and Techno-markets Achievements

The National Iranian Productivity Organization (NIPO) managed to exhibit its scientific and research achievements in "the country's 19th Exhibition of Research, Technology and Techno-market's achievements", in order to properly communicate with universities, society, industries and utilizing the capability of elites, experts and researchers.
In this exhibition, which was held in Tehran Permanent International Fair Ground from 24th to 27th December, 2018, NIPO managed to present the latest researches of this organization, including the current statistics in the field of productivity and introduce organizational solutions and applications, while presenting the scientific and practical research records in the last 25 years.
Promoting the interactions and cooperation with other sectors present at this exhibition, including scientific centers and universities of the country, was one of the other programs of NIPO in the 19th Exhibition of Research, Technology and Techno-market's Achievements, in order to operationalize Article 5 of the Sixth Development Plan Law.
It is worth noting that head of NIPO visited the exhibition on Wednesday 26th December 2018.
Fatemeh Pahlevani reviewed the recent scientific and technological achievements of the universities and scientific centers of the country, while talking with the researchers and experts attending the exhibition, during her visit.
She also responded to the questions of the press at the NIPO's stand.

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